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4 min readMar 25, 2022
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The Kemonomimi project was launched to bring an NFT-Collectible anime focused ecosystem with unique artistic style to the BNB Chain.

What does Kemonomimi mean?

The definition of Kemonomimi is “a humanoid fictional character who possesses animal ears and/or tails”

We aim to deliver high quality Kemonomimi art in our Gacha-like NFT ecosystem. Drop rates, Tokenomics and project direction will be clearly communicated.

Who is behind Kemonomimi?

We are a team of 6 people that are in love with crypto and anime. Most importantly however we know how confusing and wild crypto can be. Everyone was once new to this space, some still are and others will be new at some point. For that reason, we decided to be as transparent as possible when it comes to anything regarding the Kemonomimi project as a whole including our MIMI Token.

The Community we are building — or rather: is building itself — is a welcoming space for everyone, be it crypto newbies, NFT-Enthusiasts, anime fans or experienced traders and veteran investors.

Where can I find a preview of the Kemonomimi NFTs?

At the time of writing you can’t. We have an early holder airdrop NFT to release at 250 holders as our first sample.

Our season 1 NFT artist is part of the team and we are glad to be working with him. Please take a look at his Instagram and twitter for an idea of his work:

Will there be another NFT Season in the future?

Yes, there absolutely will be! We want a wide variety of collectibles for our NFT ecosystem to ensure longevity.

What will the $MIMI Token be used for?

$MIMI will be used initially to mint Kemonomimi NFTs. Down the line we plan to have physical goods, collectables and investments purchasable with $MIMI. $MIMI also will be the core token of our future Play-to-Earn Game. These features will continue to receive development which will be shared with investors and those who come to our discord or telegram where we field questions.

What can I do with my NFTs and will my NFTs have value outside of reselling them?

Yes. Our NFTs come in an NFT Booster Pack style that has 1 of 4 Basic NFTs with different rarities. In total there is a possibility of obtaining 1 out of 8 different unique randomized NFTs with completely randomized NFT Attributes.

These NFT rarities and attributes will determine how efficient each NFT is in NFT Farming or when used in the P2E Game.

MIMI Token Specifics

As mentioned, crypto can be wild and especially with all this insecurity about Tokenomics, locked liquidity and fees we decided to go for the most simple and secure approach we could think of:

The Kemonomimi MIMI Token features 3 key aspects that are noteworthy when buying, selling or transferring MIMI and together build the transfer fee for the token.

1) 2% Reflections

Reflections are basically passive rewards for holding a token — similar to staking but always accessible to all holders and not locked.
2% MIMI of every transaction is being redistributed between all holders depending on their holdings of MIMI. Simply: the more MIMI you hold, the more reflections you will get.
This also contributes to the deflationary aspects of the token as 30% of the total supply was sent to the burn address which also receives reflections and is currently at 30.9% supply.
Every transaction burns MIMI. We reserve the right to cease burn as well as lower taxes if it is ever seen as an inhibitor of project growth.

2) 5.5% auto liquidity fee

With every transaction the smart contract itself receives this fee in MIMI Tokens which will be swapped at a certain threshold for BNB and added together with MIMI Tokens for MIMI/BNB LP token which is sent to the burn wallet. This will provide long term stability and protection against volatility. The LP tokens in the burn wallet provide liquidity but are not ever withdrawable by anyone including the team.

3) 2.5% development and marketing fee

This follows the same principle as the auto liquidity fee. The tokens will be received by the contract with every transaction and swapped for BNB at the same time the liquidity is added to the pool with the difference that there is no counterpart in MIMI for the BNB and it will be sent to our development and marketing wallet, the usage of which will be open for discussion with investors.

We decided to opt for burned liquidity because we think there should not be an unlock date for our investors liquidity.

Thank you for reading and make sure to visit our social channels or our website!

The Kemonomimi Team




Kemonomimi is a heavily community-focused project with a vision for a complete token, NFT, and P2E gaming utility on the BNB Chain / BSC.